The SPGBK Recycled Maple Wood Watch

No thanks to high-end catwalks, seeing the words ‘recycled’ and ‘fashion’ banded together might well have you imagining some wearied male model trudging down a runway with a potato sack for trousers and a shopping bag for a hat. Truly frightening.
Relax – there is a thoroughly less gauche way of enjoying reprocessed materials for style reasons, and even tells the time to boot...
It's all thanks to SPHBK (short for ‘Spring-break’), who, when not finding new ways to abbreviate words and make them sound considerably less douchy, have been crafting timepieces with recycled maple wood before finishing them off with some neat and colourful faces.
The use of maple certainly suits the rough, bold and chiselled edges, providing a visible eco-message, bolstered by the fact the company donates a portion of every watch sold to North Carolina's Association of Feeding America Food Banks.
Feeling charitable? You can buy one for £50 from SPGBK right now - just be sure to put your old watch in the correct bin, okay?


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