Richard Mille's Stunning Black Phantom Watch


Pasting the word ‘Phantom’ onto a product doesn’t always guarantee greatness. Remember that film starring Billy Zane? Precisely.

More often than not, however, and thanks largely to Rolls Royce, its connotations with high-end design and technological triumph are hard to ignore. This being no different.

A classy Flyback chronograph watch (that means it uses a single push of the button for stopping and resetting its chronograph), any prospective buyer will enjoy its matte black finish and TZP ceramic case.

But sure to make even the bods at Rolls Royce a bit envious, the caseband, crown and pushers on the wristwatch are actually forged from NTPT, AKA a material usually found on jet planes and F1 cars.

Rationed to just 50 pieces and now available from certain Richard Mille stores, you’ll understand that if you have to ask how much then you probably can’t afford it.

One more interesting fact: it comes with a skeletonized dial, suggesting the legacy of Billy Zane’s spandex outing is bigger than we thought.