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You really need to watch this space

The last time Seiko released the Astron in 1969, they changed the world of timekeeping with the world’s first quartz watch

You really need to watch this space

Before reading this, it wouldn’t be a surprise if you thought all watches were relatively the same. Show the time? Check. Maybe have calendar? Uh-huh. But a new watch in town is set to blow all standards of timekeeping normality out of the window.

It’s the newest edition from Seiko and it’s a bit fancy. Meet the Astron GPS and like the name says, it receives satellite signals from anywhere on Earth. So if you’re trapped in Outer Mongolia, you’ll still be able to get a signal. The impressive solar powered timepiece adjusts to 39 time zones making it more accurate than any other watch on the planet. In case you’re wondering there are 40 in the world and the most any watch has been able to do is 37.

And that’s not all. The Stephen Hawking’s of the watch world is impressively accurate. Think to the second… every 100, 000 years. With accuracy that precise there is no excuse to adhere from the gentleman’s code of punctuality.

With so much technology going on in one watch, the aesthetics needed to live up to the hype. And boy does it. Techy geeks will love the large, but comfy 47mm dial which looks a bit space age and thanks to a special anti-reflective coating you’ll never have a problem seeing the time. Even the strap is a bit special. Four times stronger than any other silicone strap, it features a three-fold clasp which has a James Bond style button to release, which is great if you need to make a quick escape.

So I guess you’re wondering how you can get your hand on one of these beauties? Simply visit for the full range or if you are feeling lucky we have one SAST009 to giveaway, click below to find out how you could be in with a chance of winning.



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