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You can now pre-order a life-size Baby Yoda figurine

Website immediately crashes, of course.

You can now pre-order a life-size Baby Yoda figurine
Holly Pyne
30 January 2020

Whether you’ve seen The Mandalorian or not, you will have definitely seen the thousands of Baby Yoda memes floating around the internet.

Now, you have the chance to have your very own life-size Baby Yoda thanks to the collectibles website Sideshow.

Pre-orders for the figure, also known as The Child, opened early this morning and, thanks to an announcement by Collider’s Steven Weintraub, the site, obviously, immediately crashed.

Sideshow has since got back up and running, but it’s always best to be speedy if you fancy getting your hands on one because we expect pre-orders will run out pretty fast.

The only images currently available are of the prototype but the figure is 16.5-inches tall and stands on a simple black podium. There’s some nice detail to the collectible, too, as Baby Yoda can be seen holding the silver shift knob from the Razor Crest gunship, which also features in the Disney+ show.

Sideshow and Legacy Effects, who are behind the figure, have even gone to the trouble of adding wisps of grey hair to the top of figurine’s little head.

At $350, it’s certainly not the cheapest merchandise but there are a number of payment plans that might make the cost more manageable.

And if you do pre-order, the figure is expected to be delivered between August and October 2020.