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Wonder Woman 3 is stuck in development confusion

Insider sources say the DC movie is definitely not in production

Wonder Woman 3 is stuck in development confusion
Andrew Williams
11 August 2023

Multiple sources have said Wonder Woman 3 is not currently in the works at DC Studios, contrary to earlier statements made by star Gal Godot.

In interviews from early August, Gal Godot appeared to confirm Wonder Woman 3 was coming.

"From what I heard from James and from Peter is that we’re gonna develop a Wonder Woman 3 together,” she told ComicBook.

However, both Collider and Variety have now claimed exclusive stories citing people from within the movie industry who say the film is not being worked on at DC Studios.

The “Peter” Godot was referring to is Peter Safran, one of the new heads of DC alongside Marvel veteran and Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn.

Gunn, who is often outspoken on social media, has not posted any replies to these circulating rumours.

What DC films are coming?

Upcoming DC films include Blue Beetle, due August 18, and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, due in December. However, the Gunn and Safran era of the DC universe will not fully begin until 2025 with Superman: Legacy.

Earlier projects were in some stage of development before Safran and Gunn took over DC’s reins.

The last Wonder Woman film, Wonder Woman 1984, was an epic flop. It grossed an estimated $169 million and had a reported production budget of around $200 million.

Its timing did not help, released in a covid-tastic December 2020, but the film also received far weaker reviews than the widely celebrated 2017 original.

The Batman Part II is the other upcoming big DC movie with a release date, October 3 2025. Matt Reeves is to direct. He also directed 2022’s Batman.

So is Wonder Woman 3 canned as a concept? Let’s not go that far.

Safran and Gunn may consider it in poor taste to go around announcing intentions to make films during the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, which rule out any active development of such projects at present.

The strike has also barred Godot from promoting her new movie, Heart of Stone, which has just been released on Netflix. Any good? It hasn’t picked up many five-star reviews, but plenty of solid enough three-star ones. It’s a solid action romp — classic streamer weekend fodder.