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You can stream one of Netflix's biggest movies of the year right now

One of Netflix's movies of the summer is here.

You can stream one of Netflix's biggest movies of the year right now
Marc Chacksfield
11 August 2023

Netflix recently revealed its summer showcase and one of the top movies on that list has just started streaming.

Heart Of Stone is the latest blockbuster from Netflix and it stars Wonder Woman's Gal Gadot as super spy Rachel Stone.

In a plot that has Mission: Impossible written all over it, she must stop a piece of tech called The Heart getting into the wrong hands as it's capable of hacking into any network in the world.

Gadot is no stranger to Netflix, having also starred in Red Notice which is currently the most watched Netflix movie of all time.

You can stream one of Netflix's biggest movies of the year right now
Image Credit: Netflix

The reviews for Heart Of Stone are a mixed bag, but The Times reckons this could be a franchise starter for Netflix, calling it "the beginning of a beautiful franchise."

The Guardian is a fan, too, calling it a "rock solid" action flick but some other reviews aren't so favorable.

Empire gives it two stars, noting: "Heart Of Stone is a perfectly watchable and often daft bit of fun."

Hollywood Reporter says it's a "familiar but diverting Netflix spy thriller."

Rotten Tomatoes has it at a very low 22%, but we think that will go up as this was one movie that had all its reviews embargoed till day of release.

Gadot has some acting heavyweights joining her in the movie, with Jamie Dornan on board. Fans of the UK version of Utopia will be glad to read that Paul Ready also stars. Jing Lusi from Crazy Rich Asians is also in the film.

Heart Of Stone is directed by Tom Harper who has brought some superb movies to the big screen, including Wild Rose and The Aeronauts. He also had a stint directing Peaky Blinders, too.

To get to the top of the Netflix charts, Heart of Stone will have to usurp another action movie from Netflix - Hidden Strike, a Jackie Chan and John Cena vehicle.