Thomas Cook to 'sell off' Club 18-30 and millennials are to blame

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Harvey Day
Thomas Cook to 'sell off' Club 18-30 - and millennials are probably to blame 1

Thomas Cook is reportedly mulling a sell-off of the iconic brand Club 18-30 as the tastes of millennial holidaymakers change 

It’s the infamously boozy and sex-filled party holiday company that’s entertained generations of horny, young(ish) folk for years but now Club 18-30’s days could be numbered.

According to reports, Thomas Cook, which owns the company, is mulling a sell-off of the brand.

The ‘sun, sex and sea’ holiday brand was founded in 1968 and sent party animals across the Mediterranean to places like Magaluf, Ibiza and Kavos. It gained a notorious reputation with partygoers LIVING IT LARGE and provided the tabloids with endless sordid tales to tut over.

Thomas Cook might be about to sell off Club 18-30 - and millennials are probably to blame 1


But more recently, Thomas Cook has been turning its focus to more upscale holidays for the Instagram-conscious millennial market, especially with their new brand called new Cook’s Club.

Cook’s Club is said to offer “an alternative kind of luxury at an affordable price” and is centred on its own-brand hotels, which ost 300-400 guests and a sharper focus on food for the “Instagram generation”.

There is also a belief that millennials are no longer keen on packaged holidays or partying in a big group, but prefer more individual, ‘experiencial’ trips which transfer well to social media.

Explaining the decision, travel commentator Simon Calder said: “While Club 18-30 is easily the most-recognised brand in this sector, it is a tired and tarnished brand - people who went on its first holidays in the 1970s are now in their seventies!,” according to the BBC.

Thomas Cook to 'sell off' Club 18-30 - and millennials are probably to blame

Hundreds of people in a tiny, ratty swimming pool? Yes please! 

He added: “‘Hosting the wildest party holidays’ (one of its marketing slogans) from Magaluf to Bulgaria is no longer especially popular with local authorities, who are cracking down on organised bar crawls.

“Thomas Cook is moving steadily upmarket, ditching cheap and nasty accommodation in favour of sophisticated all-inclusive properties.”

But there are plenty of revellers who aren’t happy with the news. On Twitter, Ger Lundie said: “Club 18-30 holidays getting binned cos millennials prefer posing to getting wrecked. A sad day for humanity.”

Taz added: “Gutted about club 18-30 going. Was my last chance to go to one this year.”

But don’t give up hope entirely. Someone’s come up with a potential replacement instead catering to the er… “older” end of the market. 

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