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These lined denim jackets are perfect for autumn and winter

For when you don't want to give in to the cold

These lined denim jackets are perfect for autumn and winter
04 January 2018

Big Coat Season may be upon us, but not everyone wants to get involved. That’s fine, I guess. Instead of simply accepting defeat and getting the puffa out, you might find yourself drawn to a faithful (if out of season) favourite: the denim jacket.

Originally conceived as workwear in the temperamental, uh, temperatures of the American frontier, from the time Levi Strauss (of Levi’s, not the Levi Strauss you half-remember learning about in college – Claude Levi-Strauss, the father of modern anthropology) fashioned one of his famous denim jeans into a jacket around 1880, there were people queuing up to buy them: sheriffs, deputies, cowboys, railroad engineers, miners, panhandlers – all rocked the denim jacket come rain or shine and their durability and style has not eased up in the prevailing century-and-a-half… 

So if you’ve been wearing them all year, are you supposed to put them back in storage just because it’s a bit chilly out now? No, sir. You can do whatever you damn well please – especially with one of these great, made-for-less-pleasant-weather denim (OK, not all of them are denim but they all are at least styled like denim jackets) jackets:

ASOS Borg Lined Denim Jacket in Blue Wash (ASOS, £60)

Rag & Bone Shearling-Lined Denim Jacket (Mr. Porter, £375)

BDG Sand Cord Sherpa Trucker Jacket (Urban Outfitters, £75)

Lee Storm Rider Jacket 18 month worn denim (Oi Polloi, £240) 

Maison Kitsune Faux Shearling-Lined Cotton-Corduroy Jacket (Mr. Porter, £310)

Carhartt Phoenix Coat (Carhartt, £175)

Levi’s Blanket-Lined Selvedge Utility Coat (Levi’s, £190)

GOSHA RUBCHINSKIY Faux Fur Denim Jacket (Goodhood, £460)

ASOS PLUS Oversized Denim Jacket with Borg Collar (ASOS, £50)

And this last one, we assure you, definitely counts…

Zara Satin Denim Jacket (Zara, £79.99)

It says ‘denim’ right there, look. 

(Main Image: Rex)