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Watch the trailer for Guardians, the Russian rip-off of Guardians of the Galaxy

Yes of course there's a giant bear with a machine gun

Watch the trailer for Guardians, the Russian rip-off of Guardians of the Galaxy
12 January 2017

When the first trailer for Guardians came out in April 2016, it seemed preposterous, and also utterly brilliant.

Now, as the final trailer lands, it’s still utterly brilliant, but – given recent events with Trump and Putin – completely plausible.

But first things first – there’s a bear with a machine gun.


Good, now we’ve got that settled – the plot.

Guardians is the Russian low-budget ($5m) version/rip-off of Guardians of the Galaxy, featuring a team of Soviet superheroes created during the Cold War, with the DNA of four individuals altered to give them special powers that will enable them to defend Russia from supernatural threats.

Naturally, any film with a bear wielding a machine gun is going to be brilliant. Speaking of which, let’s have another look at him (this time in full bear mode) shall we?


The other three superheroes seem to be a guy who’s an Earth Bender, girl with the ability to make herself invisible, and another guy with curved blades, but let’s face it, we’re all hoping the man-bear gets the most screen time.

Such is the makers’ confidence that the debut outing of Guardians will be a huge success that a sequel has already been planned. Will it feature the four superheroes triumphantly leading a Russian takeover of the White House as Trump lies prone on the Oval Office floor, begging that he’ll do anything as long as they don’t release his secret videotapes? We shall soon see.

In the meantime, watch the final trailer below.

Guardians is released 23 February 2017