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The UK’s largest vinyl retailer may surprise you

The UK’s largest vinyl retailer may surprise you

The UK’s largest vinyl retailer may surprise you

What’s comprised mostly of plastic, once hugely popular in the seventies and is now enjoying a comeback?

No, it’s not Dolly Parton.

The answer you're looking for is vinyl. In the last few years this bygone musical format has returned to its glory days, shifting record numbers not seen in decades and seeing a rise in the amount of people flocking to small independent record stores – not least for National Record Store Day. The good times are back all right.

So it might come as bittersweet news to find out that the biggest seller of vinyl records right now is actually Sainsbury's, the same place you go for your big shop.

With a whopping eight per cent market share of sales, the Jamie Oliver-endorsed supermarket giant is officially the biggest seller of vinyl anywhere in the UK, closely followed by rivals Tesco, who started flogging pressings last December. It appears that as bands, labels and punters alike have been keen to enjoy this stripped back retro goodness, big retail has clearly taken note.

Though it can be argued all music sales are positive, as HMV continues to die a death on the high street, the huge cornering of this market does raise a few serious questions, such as whether supermarkets could eventually price out smaller indie record shops as they have done with local shops over farm produce.

For now, we’re sure they're milking it for all they can.

[Via: Huh Magazine]