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The Seiko watch worn by Ripley in Aliens being reissued

The Seiko watch worn by Ripley in Aliens being reissued

The Seiko watch worn by Ripley in Aliens being reissued

Debating whether or not to invest in Daniel Craig’s Omega Seamaster 300 seen in Spectre, but fairly sure you’ll have to moonlight as an international assassin just to pay it off?

Well scrap that…

Seiko is reissuing its Giugiaro 7A28-7000 watch as worn by Ripley in Aliens, meaning you can now wrap a slice of cinematic history sleekly around your wrist at a snip of the price.

Named after its designer - Italian car visionary Giorgetto Giugiaro - the 7A28-7000 was famed not only for its bulky looks but also for being the world's first watch to use an analog quartz chronograph movement.

Hence the moment in the film where Sigourney Weaver’s heroine takes a break from ripping those perpetually drooling interplanetary beasts to bits with a pulse rifle to stop and admire that very same analog quartz movement. Ok, a deleted scene probably.

While the Seiko X Giugiaro Spirit Smart reissue isn’t exactly the same as the original 7A28-7000 (there's no crown or left side button), it’s nonetheless a lovingly faithful ode to that original piece which sci-fi fans and watch buffs alike will want to get their hands on.

Priced at £190 and £170 respectively, the black SCED037 and grey SCED035 and watches are limited to just 300 piece each, so unless you want to sound like a wailing Bill Paxton, you’d better order one quick.


UPDATE: Seiko has announced these are only available in Japan, so unless you fancy getting a direct-flight to Tokyo we suggest scouring eBay.