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The Boys Season 4 just got teased in the most perfect way

Amazon Prime Video's brilliant superhero satire will get its fourth season in 2024...

The Boys Season 4 just got teased in the most perfect way
Andrew Williams
12 February 2024

The Boys season 4 has been teased in a fake commercial released during the Super Bowl — an American football game for those who don’t congregate at the altar of sport.

This is a classic time for big ads to be released, but this one is a little different.

It’s a commercial not for The Boys season 4 directly, but for Vought International, the organisation behind the show’s superheroes. And, sure, for the (mostly) fictional Turbo Rush energy drink.

Turbo Rush was also used to promo the third season of the show in 2022, as a parody of a 2017 Kendall Jenner Pepsi advert that was pulled after it was criticised for making light of anti-racist protest movements.

This new ad is a broader swipe at the cliches of American patriotism, a mainstay of these big sports events, titled A Love Letter to America.

Amazon has not confirmed when The Boys season 4 will arrive, but a leaked listing image suggests June 13 may be the date.

This will mark just over two years since the release of the third season, which arrived in June 2022.

The pre-release hype cycle for The Boys season 4 began in earnest in December 2023 with the release of another teaser trailer. And it was accompanied by an Eric Kripke tweet that suggests the new season features some wild stuff.

“I would just like to add that I was in post today, working on a Season 4 scene that miiiiiiight be the batshit craziest thing we've ever done? Like I truly can't believe we got away with it,” Kripke wrote.

Eric Kripke is the creator of The Boys, and is part of the writing team. He also created Supernatural.

Hollywood North Buzz reports season 5 of The Boys, which hasn't even been officially renewed yet, will start filming as early as April. This suggests we may not have to wait a full two years for the next-next season of the show. Fingers crossed.

The Boys is currently ranked number four on our list of the best Prime Video series. Think it’s better than Bosch or Jack Ryan? Head over there and give it an upvote.