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10 stylish guys to follow on Instagram that don’t advertise detox teas

Bypass the tacky paid promotions and check out these accounts for menswear style inspiration

10 stylish guys to follow on Instagram that don’t advertise detox teas
10 August 2016

Don't you hate it when you follow someone you think is really cool, only to have your preconceptions shattered when they try and flog you an overpriced coffee scrub through a paid promotion? Cringe.

Here are 10 stylish men on Instagram you can follow without having products pushed in your face. Well, until they get so big they can't turn down £10,000 to push gummy bears that make your hair grow.

Phil Green

Not to be confused with a pension-loving billionaire yacht owner, as this suave Scot is a Global Personal Shopping Manager for luxury fashion site Farfetch.

Darren Kennedy

The Irish TV presenter and Yorkshire Terrier owner knows his way round a three piece suit and how to pull off vertical hair without looking like Marge Simpson.

Daniel Rhone

The Selfridge's Personal Shopper gets paid to tell men they dress awfully and recreates their style with current trends and timeless pieces. Dream job.

Martell "Mr Flyy" Campbell

We're guessing Mr Flyy isn't a birth given middle name, but with his avant-garde approach of combining street and smartwear it should be.

Shaun Gordon

A tie maker with an eccentric sartorial dress sense and a penchant for cigars. He's one outlandish party away from being a Great Gatsby extra.

Grey Fox

Being in your sixties doesn't have to mean flat caps and trousers that go all the way to your nipples, as the Grey Fox proves with his classically British approach to tailoring.


Bellissimo! Bella! Erm... lasagna. Apologies, our Italian does not go far. Hopefully you can pick up some European style tips fro Mararo though, a seriously dapper Italian bespoke tailor.

Mr Hat

From baseball caps to beanies to fedoras, Mr Hat's (no affiliation with the South Park character) love for headwear knows no bounds.

Gracon Jon

OK, this is not Garcon Jon AKA Jonathan Daniel Pryce pictured. Don't get us wrong, he is a stylish guy, but it's his eye for other people's style that has earned him the title as one of the best streetstyle photographers around.

Alfie-Lee Marcus

When he's not waiting outside of train stations for a fight with opposing football fans, Alfie can be found as a Topman Personal Shopper in the Oxford Circus, London store.