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Stunning Tourbillon Barometer Watch

Stunning Tourbillon Barometer Watch

Stunning Tourbillon Barometer Watch
26 March 2014

If you want to know what the weather's like, chances are you turn to an app or website - or if you're a purist, look out the window. For those lazier still, Swiss watchmaker Da Vindice is giving you the option to glance at your wrist.

As it's title suggests, the gorgeous Tourbillon Barometer has its very own outdated-but-beautiful weather forecaster in the form of a tiny barometer. An hermetically sealed capsule senses the atmospheric pressure of your location and gives a likely weather readout at the watch's six o'clock position. Accurate? Not a chance. Marvellous? You bet.

From the white gold 54 by 59mm case to the exposed spinning tourbillon mechanism, every aspect of the Tourbillon Barometer is layered in luxury. If you're wondering how you actually tell the time, you have to drag your eyes to the blue hands above the centre of the face (indicating 8:20).

And the price? Don't expect it for anything less than £100,000. Best stick to licking your finger and holding it up to the breeze.

(Images: Da Vindice)

(Via: A Blog to Watch)