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Stunning Autodromo Stradale Watch

Stunning Autodromo Stradale Watch

Stunning Autodromo Stradale Watch
Danielle de Wolfe
17 August 2014

We don't usually view car-flavoured style items with much favour. If you own a Jaguar/Mercedes/BMW, the only way we should find out is by seeing you drive the thing, not by noticing your watch/slippers/new fragrance. That said, this car-themed automatic watch by Autodromo Stradale is causing us to reconsider our position.

Inspired by the dashboards of Italian sportscars of the 1950s and 1960s, the Autodromo is the ideal watch for the private bidder who just purchased the world's most expensive car.

The Stradale - meaning 'road going' in Italian - features a multi-layered dial: the speedometre-inspired hour markers are applied to a transparent glass ring, which float over the coloured dial beneath. A red minute hand and leather strap round off the road-trip look, while the automatic movement sits exposed on the rear of the watch's sapphire casement.

Available in three colour options (black dial with burgundy strap, cream dial with brown strap, gray dial with blue strap), you can preorder an Autodromo Stradale for around £523.

(Images: Autodromo)