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Squirrel visits Tesco, gets aggressive, refuses to leave the wine aisle

This story is nuts

Squirrel visits Tesco, gets aggressive, refuses to leave the wine aisle

A mad squirrel caused chaos in a London Tesco yesterday by jumping on customers and refusing to leave the wine aisle.

To be fair, who hasn't done that at one point or another though?

Emma Wright was in the Clerkenwell branch of Tesco on her lunch break when the incident occurred. 

She explained to the Standard: "I had gone to get my lunch at the store near to my office and was taking my pasta salad round to the check-out when I just felt this weight on my back. Then I put my hand on my shoulder and felt something furry. I didn’t scream but I did swear.”

The squirrel somehow got up on her shoulder and then wouldn’t leave the store.

Wright also tweeted: “Me: "there's a mad squirrel attacking people in your store". @Tesco employee: "ha ha yeah I know"

Meanwhile, the Tesco staff in the store did not seem to be bothered by the squirrel at all.

Tesco on Twitter did assure Wright that they were taking the right steps; however, dealing with a squirrel probably wasn't covered in their health and safety procedure.

Eventually, it was taken care of (not in a mafia sense) and the staff managed to get it out of the store safely.

Wright’s tweets about the crazy creature were even seen by James McVey of pop band The Vamps, who offered to adopt the furry friend.

There's no doubt that the squirrel was British: it seemingly went for the cheapest wine in the shop. It was probably also a student.

(Image: iStock)