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It's time to redecorate The Simpsons' front room: here's six modern decor trends

Which one is your favourite?

It's time to redecorate The Simpsons' front room: here's six modern decor trends

The Simpsons has been on TV for over 30 years now, and they’ve never got round to decorating the front room. Lazy, lazy Homer (Marge would obviously also be more than capable of doing it but let’s face it, she’s got enough to do cleaning up after Homer).

So it’s high time it got a modern day makeover, isn’t it? Well, luckily have mocked up the famous Simpsons front room, featuring that iconic couch, in six different modern styles to show us what the family could do with their pad to bring it bang up-to-date. 

But what does your favourite choice reveal about your personality? Scroll down to find out.

DISCLAIMER: Although extremely scientific and accurate, please do not base any huge decisions on what this tells you about your personality.

1. Industrial

You have a job at a start-up that nobody over 40 understands. You learnt distressed walls are ‘in’ so got a guy in to do them for you. You have all your meals delivered by a premium concierge service, including takeaways. 

Top tip: Get a cat.

2. Coastal

You don’t really like this decor, but ever since Gina moved out you can’t be bothered to change it. Are shells supposed to be decorative or did she just leave them there? 

Top Tip: Decorate

3. Bohemian

You got into yoga a few years ago and haven’t realised that its aesthetic has seeped into your home as well. You smoke weed just because someone who decorates like this has to smoke weed.

Top Tip: Stop smoking weed.

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4. Shabby Chic

This place makes you feel calm and you don’t care what anyone says. So what if you want to kick back on a Friday and relax with a nice glass of Shiraz?

Top Tip: Just keep being you.

5. Hollywood Regency

You loved L.A Confidential so much you decided to recreate Kim Basinger’s apartment. But with less murder and corruption.

Top Tip: Don’t google Kevin Spacey. 

6. Mid-century modern

You worked on the set of an American gritty family drama set in the 1970s mid-west and they had a sale of the furniture after filming wrapped. You think it might be too much.

Top Tip: It is too much.

(Header image: Getty / Matt Groening)