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Sainsbury's are selling gold leaf steaks and they're incredibly cheap

Treat yourself this weekend

Sainsbury's are selling gold leaf steaks and they're incredibly cheap

It’s a tough game out there in supermarket world right now - and it’s the consumer who is winning.

The arrival of the likes of young whippersnappers Lidl and Aldi on the scene with some incredibly great deals have forced the big boys to up their offerings in response, and Sainsbury’s are the latest to unveil a cracking new meaty surprise.

You’ll certainly be able to taste the difference with a new addition to the range in the form of steaks paired with edible gold leafs - and the best news is the meat starts at just £3.50.

Mmmmmmmmmm. Steeeeeak.

Yes please

The Taste the Difference Edible Gold Leaf (which is 23 carat apparently, carrots sold separately) costs £3, meaning you can have a meal like King Midas himself from just £6.50.

Rebecca Deeley, Product Developer at Sainsbury’s, said the steaks are designed to give customers new ‘dinner inspiration’. She said: “We know that a steak dinner is now much more of an occasion, and many of our customers are seeking inspiration from restaurants for on-trend cuts and accompaniments to try something new.

“Applying our edible gold leaf over a perfectly seared and succulent steak can quickly transform a classic evening meal into something truly sensational.”

It’s available as a Bone In Ribeye (£22/kg) and Bone In Sirloin (£20/kg) cut, with Flat Iron (£3.50) and British Picanha (£5).

Don’t forget, this is only the latest in a run of great steak news, with the recent revelation that it can aid weight loss. And a word of warning - before you get cooking it, be sure to consult the experts on what to do - and what not to do.

(Images: Sainsbury’s/Jason Leung)