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Hungover man goes to Lidl for bread, ends up on bizarre adventure with random OAP

We all have that one mate who goes rogue...

Hungover man goes to Lidl for bread, ends up on bizarre adventure with random OAP

Going to the supermarket hungover is one of those things we feel is necessary at the time, but soon regret.

We may start out with noble intentions, like spending a fiver on a massive steak or stocking up on booze so our next big night only hurts our head and not our wallet.

The reality is very different, though.

You’ll probably get back home a little while later, confused at how you’ve managed to spend £50 on M&Ms and Lucozade.

Or, instead of going home, you’ll find yourself inexplicably wandering into an old folks’ home.

Confused? You should be, but bear with us.

Lidl, the home of cheap food and even cheaper booze

Callum Ruane was coming off a big night, and had made the cardinal error of leaving no bread in the house to deal with the inevitable morning after struggle.

Maybe he needed to pick up a loaf for bacon sandwiches. Maybe he was just keeping things simple, knowing he couldn’t handle any more than a simple slice of toast. All we know is that we’re richer for him having made the trip, and for him having documented it.

He clearly wasn’t in the best of shape when he woke up…

Indeed, he was struggling enough to accept a lift home from a woman he got chatting to in the supermarket.

He thought he was just getting a lift home. He was not just getting a lift home.

We’re not sure what the best part of this is.

Is it the simple act of getting into a random stranger’s car while hungover? Maybe.

Is it the inability to explain how and why he found himself taking a job interview at an old folks’ home? Possibly.

Is it the emergence of another random individual partway through the story – someone whose presence, or relationship with the rest of the cast of characters, is never fully explained? Perhaps.

However, above all this, we think the best part is Callum could have just got up and left at any stage, but presumably went with the attitude of ‘in for a penny, in for a pound’. We’re happy he did, of course.

If only he lived within range of this 4,000-calorie breakfast delivery. It would have saved him a whole lot of hassle.

(Images: Twitter/callumruane1/Rex Features)