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Aldi is selling a ridiculous 16oz steak for under a fiver

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Aldi is selling a ridiculous 16oz steak for under a fiver

Supermarket chain Aldi is retaining its reputation for selling you too much food for not enough money with the launch of its ‘Big Daddy’ steak, a Father’s Day special.

Coming in at £4.99, the hunk of meat weighs 16 ounces. Yes, sixteen. A pound of beef for less than a fiver.

Almost certainly better and more nutritious than the Adam Sandler film of the same name, the thick-cut Big Daddy steak is, if we’re being honest, probably enough for two meals.

Sure, I guess you could share it, but if Father’s Day is about one thing then it’s eating dangerous quantities of meat in what feels like the equivalent of a gorilla beating its chest, if the gorilla was wearing bootcut jeans and complaining about footballers diving while listening to a double-album curated by Jeremy Clarkson.

The Big Daddy is available from today while stocks last, and the supermarket is surely hoping they’ll cause as much of a stir as their wagyu steaks and alcoholic ice lollies. You probably don’t need to combine them all in one meal, though.

It’s not our place to judge whether Aldi’s food is better or worse than that of its competitors, but objective debates like whether or not it’s bigger? Now that we can do.

In short, yes. It is factually more food than rival steaks at leading nationwide supermarket chains, both by weight and – based on looking at the odd picture – probably by thickness too.

The possibilities are endless: You could trim off a bit and serve steak with a side of steak. You could slice it into three and create a steak stack. You could halve it, fold it over and boom! Steak a la Steak.

Don’t stack more than a couple of slices on top of each other, though – the steaks are too high. Don’t give me that, if there’s one place I can end on a dad joke it’s a story about a Father’s Day steak.

(Images: Aldi)