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This Sainsbury’s hack will let you buy bottles of prosecco for £1.50

That's not a typo, folks

This Sainsbury’s hack will let you buy bottles of prosecco for £1.50

If we know one thing about the British public, it’s that we love offers on alcohol.

If we know a second thing, it’s that we love getting cheap alcohol by gaming the system even more than we love standard multi-buy deals.

But what if we told you it was possible to combine the two? Now we’re cooking with gas.

You already know about three-litre bottles of prosecco and award-winning whiskies for less than £20, but the bar has been well and truly raised with a hack that will entitle you to prosecco for just £1.50 per bottle.

According to MoneySavingExpert, who also brought us this genius Burger King hack, there’s a simple way to save a ton on fizzy wine just in time for the pre-Christmas party season.

That’s right, it covers champagne as well as prosecco, though this will cost you a little more.

It all involves combining three different Sainsbury’s deals at once, and is open to anyone setting up a new online shopping account with the supermarket chain.

You’ll have to be quick, though, as you can only take advantage until October 3.

First up, you’ll need to choose your drink.

Sainsbury’s Prosecco Frizzante is the cheapest at £6 per bottle normally, though MoneySavingExpert point out that Antoine du Clevecy champagne is currently down from £18 to £14.

Anyone can then take advantage of a 25% discount when you buy six or more bottles, meaning £4.50 per bottle for the Prosecco Frizzante and £10.50 per bottle for the champagne, with a couple of other options in the middle of that price range.

But new customers can get an even better deal than that.

Now comes the complicated part. You’ll need to spend a bit more money to take advantage of another deal currently running on the Sainsbury’s site.

Entering the code ‘SCSSEOOCT’ at checkout will entitle you to £18 off a £60 spend. The only catch is that you have to spend as much on food as you do on booze.

You’re best off incorporating your regular weekly shop into the £60 spend. That way, if you’re spending at least £33 on food anyway, and add six bottles of Prosecco Frizzante into the mix, that £18 discount means the drink will set you back just £9 instead of the £27 you’d pay with the aforementioned 25% discount, or £36 if buying at full price.

That’s £9 for six bottles of prosecco, or £1.50 per bottle. And you can avoid a delivery charge by picking it all up from your local store.

You might not have thought you were hosting a party this weekend, but now? Looks like THERE’S A RAVE HEADING TO TOWN.

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