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Aldi are currently selling one of the world's best whiskies for less than £20

They're getting good at this booze thing

Aldi are currently selling one of the world's best whiskies for less than £20
Tom Victor
16 August 2017

Whisky is one of those things you’re prepared to spend a little more on, like steak, trainers and parachutes.

However, Aldi have form for providing generally expensive food and drink for a fraction of the price, so if anyone can save you money on whisky without skimping on quality, it’s them.

We saw it with their award-winning gin, which costs less than £10 and beat bottles four times the price to win an award.

We’ve also seen the supermarket chain sell wagyu beef for £7.29 per steak and a 16oz steak for less than a fiver – that’s not proof that they’d be able to nail the cut-price whisky market too, but they’ve managed to do just that.

The Glen Marnoch Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky – which retails for £17.49 at Aldi – was one of two whiskies to receive a gold medal following a blind tasting at the Spirits Business Scotch Whisky Masters.

The only other gold medallist in the ‘Speyside: Standard Assortment’ category was the Torran Single Malt Portwood Finish, which retails at £53 according to theDaily Mail, while whiskies costing more than double the price of Aldi’s bottle were ranked lower.

At the time of writing, each review of the single malt on Aldi’s website gives it a five-out-of-five rating, with one customer calling it ‘A great tasting whisky which could easily retail at double the price’.

We all know drinking whisky is one of the best ways to look like you’re an actual, mature adult – and while cheaper ones can often be a bit difficult to palette, now you can get the good stuff for a fraction of what you’d normally pay.

(Images: Pixabay/Aldi)