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This Burger King menu ‘hack’ will either make you feel smart or stupid

How did we not think of this before?

This Burger King menu ‘hack’ will either make you feel smart or stupid

Some of the best pieces of advice you’ll receive in life are those which make you think ‘well, now it seems obvious’.

It can come at the most important of situations, helping you solve major problems in your life. Problems like – and they don’t come much bigger than this – saving money on your order at Burger King.

Jordon Cox, better known as MoneySavingExpert’s ‘Coupon Kid’ (we say better known, but you probably have no idea who he is – he’s good at saving you cash though, and that’s what matters) has provided some groundbreaking information that you now cannot live without.

He’s worked out that you can get a bacon double cheeseburger from the fast food chain using this one weird trick. And by ‘one weird trick’ we mean ‘not a weird trick at all’.

Cox, who once travelled from Sheffield to Essex via Berlin to save money, has found a foolproof way to get the £4.40 burger for £1.99. And all he had to do was set restaurant staff up for a week or two of mild irritation before everyone else goes back to ordering it the normal way.

Instead of paying full price for a fully-made bacon double cheeseburger, he worked out that you can just order a double cheeseburger for £1.49 and some extra bacon for 50p.

And yes, for you maths geniuses at the back, that means you can get yourself two bacon double cheeseburgers for less than what you usually pay for one – you just need to get your hands a little dirty constructing the thing.

It’s one up on the ‘sandwich hack’ we saw from one BBC journalist earlier this year (he just bought the ingredients separately from the supermarket).

However it’s got some way to go before it can compete with the various secret menu items we’ve seen doing the rounds.