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Aldi is about to start selling the biggest bottle of prosecco you’ve ever seen

How big is too big?

Aldi is about to start selling the biggest bottle of prosecco you’ve ever seen
Tom Victor
14 September 2017

If we know one thing about the people of this country, it’s that we absolutely love prosecco.

Champagne? Sure, but only on special occasions. Cava? Only if we’re in Spain. But a bit of the ole ‘secco never goes amiss.

You might remember Lidl offering six bottles of the stuff for £20 over the August Bank Holiday, but now another supermarket chain has a different, yet just as appealing offer.

What’s better than six regular bottles of prosecco? That’s right: one massive bottle.

Aldi has announced it will include a three-litre prosecco bottle in its upcoming Christmas range.

Yes, three litres.

The Jeroboam bottle (that’s wine for ‘four times as big’) will retail at £39.99, which might seem like a lot until you realise it probably covers all of your prosecco needs for Christmas Day and then some.

Sure, you could get a regular Aldi bottle of prosecco for less than a tenner, but it’s not as big as your face, is it. That’s what we thought.

Aldi have already shown us how easy it is to eat and drink well on a budget in the last few months.

The supermarket has, at various times, offered a Wagyu steak for £7.29 and an award-winning single malt whisky for under £20.

Oh, and if you fancy one of the best gins in the world, Aldi has been stocking it for less than £10.

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