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Ruark Audio R3 is the old-school sound system you've been looking for

Traditional looks with a smart spin - the Ruark R3 is a compact all-in-one system.

Ruark Audio R3 is the old-school sound system you've been looking for

In these times of uncertainty, sometimes you just want something that brings that calming feeling of familiarity - and that's exactly what the new, compact Ruark Audio R3 offers.

The Ruark Audio R3 is an all-in-one sound system that comes with old-school looks and a compact body. It's British made and comes with a number of smart features, but doesn't forget things like a good ol' CD player.

And, what's that on the top of device you cry? Well, it's a real-life, malleable volume control - Ruark calls it a RotoDial - none of your touch nonsense, here.

Those familiar with Ruark Audio's previous wares will be right at home here. The R3 retains the classic sound system look but it's a lot more compact. There's the fabric grille, a glass display and a case that comes in a walnut veneer or grey lacquer.

As well as the all-important CD player, there's Wi-Fi streaming with Spotify Connect and support for Tidal, Deezer and Amazon Music. AptX Bluetoothis also available, as well as all the online radio you could want bundled under the banner of a SmartRadio Tuner.

This is something you will start to see a lot more of as the radio industry tries to work out just what to do with its DAB, FM and online offerings going forward. Having a SmartRadio tuner just means that the device is built for Internet Radio/DAB/DAB+/FM. For those who want to plug this into a bigger system, there are Auxiliary digital and analogue inputs and a USB-C slot.

As for the sound, well it's decent: there's 30 watts output to play around with here, backed by a Class A-B amplifier system.

While the Ruark Audio R3 doesn't have voice control built-in - the company is still not certain that this is the future of audio - you can jack an Amazon Echo and the like into the back of the thing.

The Ruark Audio R3 is out in August and will be available from John Lewis and other retailers. Price wise, it's £629 - head to Ruark's website for more information.