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Here's why 'Rick and Morty' still hasn't been renewed for a fourth season

It won't be with us for another two years

Here's why 'Rick and Morty' still hasn't been renewed for a fourth season
27 March 2018

Fans of Rick and Morty already knew they had a wait on their hands, with writer and producer Ryan Ridley telling the Detroit Cast that he and show creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland would be “surprised if there was a fourth season on the air any time sooner than late 2019”. 

And now it looks like we have a reason why the show hasn’t yet been renewed – and it’s all down to contracts.

Appearing on Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier’s podcast SModcast, showrunner Harmon said that ongoing contract negotiations between him and Roiland and Adult Swim’s parent company Turner are responsible.

The reason we’re not working on Rick and Morty right now ain’t because I figured out that I don’t need to impress you,” he said.

“It’s because of a little something called contract negotiations and it’s gotten complicated this time around.”

Roiland also alluded to the negotiations in a tweet urging fans to “turn [their] attention to Turner”.

Polygonnote that the negotiations are “not entirely surprising”, pointing out that the show is “at its peak right now, making it no surprise that people may want more from the network than they previously did”, and suggesting that the showrunners may be asking for a larger writers’ room.

Until then, fans of Rick and Morty can get involved with Roiland’s VR games company, Squanch Games, which just launched its newest title

Harmon, on the other hand, has been busy executive-producing a series for YouTube Red – so there’s something to plug the gap until the show finally makes its long-awaited return. 

(Image: Adult Swim)