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'Rick and Morty' just killed off a beloved character for money

RIP buddy

'Rick and Morty' just killed off a beloved character for money
27 October 2017

As the world recovers from the infamous Szechuan sauce meltdown, Ricky and Morty have released a new ad for the content-hungry fandom.

But true lovers of the show will be devastated to see the death of one its minor characters. And they did it all in the name of cash. 

In a new advert for Old Spice, Rick bursts in on his sleeping grandson at three in the morning for an impromptu commercial. 

“Check out my new friends the Old Spice Invisible Sprays!” shouts Rick. 

“Come on Rick! It’s three in the morning! Why do you keep selling us out?” Morty replies.

As the freaky human-like spray cans tear up Morty’s bedroom, one of them EATS the beloved sentient Butterbot from Season 1.

“Make it stop!” begs Morty.

“You can’t make it stop,” Rick replies, as he counts his cold, hard cash.

RIP in peace, Butterbot. We hardly knew ye. 

Because Rick and Morty fans are famous for being ferociously committed, they’re already looking forward to the next season.

But the creators of the show have warned that fans shouldn’t expect to see any more episodes for a “really long time”.

And in another Tweet, they told viewers of the show that the finale of Season 3 would “be the last new episode for a while, so gather your loved ones and squanch your hearts out”.

Meanwhile, in a recent interview the show creators discussed ideas they’d love to put together for future storylines.

In what sounds like an epic mash-up they even teased a possible Rick and Morty/Game of Thrones collaboration.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, co-creator Dan Harmon praised the GoT writers, who have publicly cited Rick and Morty as their favorite show along with It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Harmon said: “It would be fun. What leaps to mind is doing another Citadel episode or some dimension where there are factions of people that pays homage to that [GoT] style in 22 minutes while getting laughs.

“It would be cool to work with those guys, I love those guys, they’ve been so cool to our show in every interview, and I’ve been watching their show obsessively for seven years.”

(Images: AdultSwim)