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‘Rick and Morty’ is sticking around for a very long time after huge renewal deal

Even Kanye West is excited about it

‘Rick and Morty’ is sticking around for a very long time after huge renewal deal
Tom Victor
11 May 2018

Come on now, you didn’t really think Rick and Morty was going to disappear for good, did you?

The Adult Swim show received its highest ever viewing figures for its third season, sparking a music video and the revival of a delicious dipping sauce (via some… interesting hiccups).

There were worries about a cancellation when co-creator Dan Harmon confirmed no new renewal deal was in place at the conclusion of season three, but it turns out we had nothing to worry about.

It always looked like the show was too popular to disappear entirely, and so it has proved with Adult Swim confirming a “long-term” deal to keep the animated sci-fi comedy on air for what looks like being a multi-year run.

According to a release from Adult Swim’s parent company Turner, Rick and Morty will be back for a further 70 episodes.

Considering a mere 31 have been aired to date, that’s a very significant announcement.

There will also be a return for the Rickmobile Tour, a US-wide pop-up shop which will stop off in 50 locations from 17 May onwards.

Harmon’s fellow co-creator Justin Roiland broke the news to fans in the only way he knows how…

The announcement follows the confirmation of a comic crossover with a couple of popular figures from the medium, and news of the new episodes has proved very popular with fans.

Fans who, as it turns out, include Kanye West as one of their number.

The musician shared his excitement at the news, claiming to have watched every episode “at least 5 times each”, and even seemed to agree to meet up with Roiland after the animator and voice actor reached out.

There’s no official date for the next run of Rick and Morty episodes, though there was a gap of nearly two years between the second and third seasons (ignoring a one-episode April Fool’s Day drop in 2017).

Based on that timeframe, we might expect a fourth season to arrive in the second half of 2019.

The debut season of the show was 11 episodes long, while the second and third were 10 episodes each.

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Each of the first three seasons was made available on Netflix in the UK and Ireland soon after airing in the United States.

Fans will hope the same thing happens when the show returns, though we’re likely to have to wait until much closer to the release date to find out for certain.

(Images: Adult Swim)