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This phone trick will help you find out who your *real* friends are

This is very funny - and useful

This phone trick will help you find out who your *real* friends are
11 May 2018

Mates can be easily divided into three, very separate groups. First, you’ve got your throwback friends from school – mainly only see them at weddings to be honest.

Next, you’ve got your work mates who you spend a fair bit of time with every day and, occasionally, they’ll see you get embarrassingly pissed.

Third, you’ve got your core group of mates who you can confide in, who’ll counsel you when you realise you don’t actually want to marry your fiancé and who’ll drop EVERYTHING to help you out when you get trapped in a window while retrieving your poo. That’s what friends are for.

And to find out who your true friends are, one girl has stumbled upon a simple trick – and all you need is your trusty mobile phone.

Twitter user @TrillxLove shared a short story about how her boyfriend texted her friends on her phone asking them to back her up that they went out together the night before.

In her case, every single one of her friends backed her up – even though they hadn’t actually been out together. Now that’s friendship.

Twitter obviously fell in love with the stunt and the tweet’s been shared more than 20,000.

And other people have even been trying it out – with varying levels of success.

1. Maria’s got good friends… apart from Janette. Fuck you Janette!

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2. This girl’s friends are cool.

3. And some people came up with hilariously elaborate back-stories.

So try out this trick to find out who your proper friends are.

And if they let you down? They ex-friends.

(Image: Unsplash)