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This pizza festival committed the greatest possible crime and people are livid

It is being compared to Fyre Festival

This pizza festival committed the greatest possible crime and people are livid

There’s never ‘too much money you can pay for pizza’, as anyone who has ever been very drunk on a night out can attest.

If you’re hungry, or if you just want a few quality slices of the good stuff, then the prospect of unlimited pizza can sound like the best thing ever.

That explains why so many people were willing to pay up to $74 – including booking fees – to sample ‘pizza for taste buds of all types’ at a New York pizza festival.

There was only one problem, and it’s a pretty big one for a pizza festival: it seems they ran out of pizza.

None of this here, sorry

Held in Brooklyn, the New York City Pizza Festival advertised itself as ‘an eclectic tasting of the best pizza in NYC’.

Prices ranged from $36-69 (£27-52) for a ticket, with those on the more expensive end entitling holders to unlimited samples of a range of pizza slices. Except they appear not to have been as ‘unlimited’ as advertised.

According to Gothamist, one attendee said: “It was like the people from Fyre Festival decided to throw a pizza party,” referring to this year’s music festival which proved an unmitigated disaster from start to finish.

Others claimed the ‘pizza festival’ was effectively just a handful of booths, which ran out of pizza in less than an hour.

“There’s three pop-up tents to my left, one where they’re taking cold pizzas out of delivery boxes and cutting them,” said Connell Burke, who claims to have spent $150 on two VIP tickets only to be greeted with “tiny little slivers of pizza”.

Photos on social media paint a picture of disappointment, with the number of people left queuing outside appearing to rival the number of slices of pizza that were actually available at the venue.

A make-up tasting has been promised, according to the festival’s Facebook page, but the responses suggest people are after more than that.

If there’s anything more New York than the state’s Attorney General opening an investigation into a pizza festival, we can’t think of it.

And that’s what has happened, with the office of AG Eric Schneiderman encouraging those affected to submit official complaints.

After all of this, only one question remains: why would you pay up to $75 for a pizza festival when you could easily get all the NYC pizza you could eat for a fraction of that price?

(Images: Carissa Gan/David Nuescheler)