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Netflix's new number one movie is set to be one of its most popular ever

Early signs are good for this streaming success.

Netflix's new number one movie is set to be one of its most popular ever

Netflix has a new number-one movie and it's set to be one of the most popular films the streaming service has ever released.

Mother debuted on Netflix on Mother's Day in the US (12 May) and it has stayed at the top of the charts ever since. The film stars Jennifer Lopez as a retired assassin who is brought out of hiding when she has to protect her estranged daughter (played by Lucy Paez).

According to data obtained by Deadline, the movie has been streamed by some 2.8M U.S. households in its first two days. While it will take a while for more numbers to come in, this does mean that it had a better debut than both Glass Onion and Murder Mystery 2.

The key here is it beating Glass Onion, as that movie currently stands at number 4 in the most watched movies of all time on Netflix.

Netflix has more numbers for Mother, with the movie topping its charts from May 8 - May 14. Given that it was only available to stream for two of those days the numbers are fantastic.

It notes that it has over 83 million hours viewed (this is the metric Netflix uses to count the popularity of its content). In second place is the Tom Hank's movie A Man Called Otto which managed just 19 million hours.

Mother is number one on Netflix, with 83 million hours' viewed... so far!
Image Credit: Netflix
The full top 10 is as follows:
  • 1. The Mother
  • 2. A Man Called Otto
  • 3. The Croods
  • 4. The Deep End of the Ocean
  • 5. Synchronic
  • 6. Kung Fu Panda 3
  • 7. Wrong Place
  • 8. The Tournament
  • 9. Pitch Perfect
  • 10. Heat

While ratings for the movie have been so-so - Rotten Tomatoes has it at just 43% - the audience score is a much-better 70%.

The success of The Mother comes soon after Netflix made a surprise announcement that it was making a sequel to its third most popular film of all time, Bird Box. That movie and The Mother, were both features in the streaming service's summer movie line-up.