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Netflix reveals surprise spin-off of one of its all-time most popular movies, Bird Box

A new Netflix franchise is born!

Netflix reveals surprise spin-off of one of its all-time most popular movies, Bird Box

Netflix has created a new franchise this week, revealing that one of it most popular movies of all time is getting a spin-off - and we are set to be able to stream it soon.

Bird Box, released in 2018, was a post-apocalyptic thriller starring Sandra Bullock. Its premise is high concept: the world is overrun with entities which will kill you if you look at them. To navigate this world, Malorie Hayes (Bullock) and her family don blindfolds to survive.

If the plot sounds familiar, then it's because the movie came out around the same time as The Quiet Place, which focused on aliens which would kill you if they heard you.

Those damn senses!

While critical reaction was mixed, the movie was a huge streaming hit - and currently stands as the third-watched Netflix movie of all time, just behind Red Notice and Don't Look Up.

That means it's more popular than the likes of Glass Onion, The Gray Man and Extraction.

Netflix reveals surprise spin-off of one of its most popular movies
Image Credit: Netflix

It's no wonder then that Netflix is seeing this one as a franchise starter and now we have confirmation of this, thanks to a new, surprise teaser trailer.

Bird Box: Barcelona looks to be a prequel to the events of the original film, charting the first outbreak which occurred in Spain (hence the title).

Although there is no information on the teaser about who is directing/starring, IMDb has David Pastor and Àlex Pastor as the creators. They are best known for their recent HBO Mac show The Head, but they have history of exploring extinction events with their 2009 movie Carriers, which starred Chris Pine.

Carriers came out the same year that Pine shot to superstardom, playing Kirk in the rebooted Star Trek.

As for a Bird Box: Barcelona release date - there's not long to wait, with the movie streaming on 14 July.