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Netflix has a new show about dogs and don’t pretend you don’t want to watch it

Dogs = excellent

Netflix has a new show about dogs and don’t pretend you don’t want to watch it
Tom Victor
31 October 2018

Netflix is a broad church when it comes to original series, as evidenced by the fact that Making a Murderer and The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants exist on the same platform.

The streaming service is always expanding, though, and one of its newest addition is something which we think everyone will agree the world needs more of.

What is it? We hear you ask. Another true crime show, or another mockumentary to make up for the cancellation of American Vandal? A new film with an A-list star? Think again.

What can possibly be so universal that it’s almost impossible to turn against? The answer, my friends, is simple: a Netflix show about, and starring, dogs.

The show is simply called Dogs, because when you’ve got such strong source material why would you even bother to mess around with a complex title?

Netflix describes it as encompassing “Six stories of unconditional love between humans and their best friends” and if your heart isn’t warmed after watching the trailer then, well, we guess you just lack human emotions. Sorry to break it to you.

The show is created by Glen Zipper and Amy Berg, Variety reports, and episodes feature a dog trapped in Syria, and a disabled child’s service dog.

“Dogs don’t just make us feel loved, dogs make us feel safe,” Zipper says, and who are we to argue?

You can watch the trailer here and marvel at the non-gender-specific good boys, because all dogs, whether they’re boys or girls, are good boys.

Dogs will arrive on Netflix on 16 November, and you’re going to watch every single episode.

That’s not a suggestion, or a recommendation. It’s what we know you will do. You’ll probably watch the entire run twice or three times, and then save it up for the next time you’re sick and can’t go into work.

Eventually you’ll reach the point where you have watched all the episodes enough times to know every word of the dialogue off by heart, but even this won’t stop you rewatching because… well, just look at those dogs.

We might have recently learned that dogs aren’t as intelligent as we might have thought, but they’re still faithful. And besides, what’s wrong with having a best friend who’s less smart than you?

We’re predicting this show will have Netflix’s highest ever rate of awwwws-(and, indeed, pawwwws)-per-minute.


(Images: Netflix)