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Netflix has made a real-life Squid Game experience - and it wants you to sign up

Six challenges, and fingers crossed zero deaths.

Netflix has made a real-life Squid Game experience - and it wants you to sign up
Andrew Williams
06 October 2023

Netflix has made a real-life Squid Game experience, set to open in just a few weeks.

Sure, you may have seen MrBeast’s version of Squid Game already, but Netflix is in the process of making its own.

Squid Game: The Trials is due to open in December, and features “a series of six escalating challenges, accumulating points as you advance.”

It sounds like a mix of immersive theatre and an escape room, but with also feature a Night Market area with Korean food and drink. It’s not all-trial, and the game part lasts for 70 minutes.

You can, unsurprisingly, spend as much time as you like forking out for food and drink after.

“In a highly-themed environment, you will be placed in the world of Squid Game, and play a series of games drawn from, or inspired by, the show,” says Netflix.

It’s a competitive game with one final winner, so this sounds like the kind of thing best experienced with a group of friends.

The bad news, for at least some of us, is Squid Game: The Trials will be staged in Los Angeles, at Television City, with no concrete word on it coming to other cities or countries.

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“Stay tuned for details about which city Squid Games: The Trials will come to next,” says Netflix.

However, if you will be in the neighbourhood you can sign up for Squid Game: The Trials pre-sale tickets over at the Netflix Tudum website. Tickets start at $39, and there’s a pricier VIP package that adds “an exclusive Cocktail or Mocktail, pictures from the Photo Booth in VIP Lounge, a VIP Mask & exclusive tote bag,” among other benefits.

The other big news in the world of Squid Game is we’re nearing the release of Squid Game: The Challenge.

It’s out on November 22 and is a reality TV show in which 456 contestants battle it out to win $4.56 million.

If you’re only in for the real deal, Squid Game season 2, you have a while to wait. It’s not expected until late 2024.