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A LEGO 'Friends' set could be heading our way for the ultimate nostalgia hit

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A LEGO 'Friends' set could be heading our way for the ultimate nostalgia hit
01 June 2018

LEGO (which has to be in capital letters otherwise you actually die - details here) is good at doing official spin-offs, as can be evidenced in all its movie tie-ins (Star Wars, Jurassic Park etc). But did you know - did you actually know - that there has never been a Friends model set? Innit! The most popular TV show ever? Maybe? It’s never had a LEGO set - what is the world coming to?

Well, the world may be coming to: an official Friends LEGO set, if everything goes to plan. 

There’s this thing called LEGO Ideas, where anybody can submit proposals for LEGO play-sets, and if they gain enough traction they can eventually be made into proper, legit sets that you can buy in the shops (or online, really, because toy shops are dead now).

A user called Mric76 has put forward the above idea, and if you’re asking, we reckon they’re in the running for an actual release with this one. 

The ‘Central Perk Coffee of Friends’ (need to come up with a better name though mate) set contains 1,719 bricks and seven figures modeled after the characters. 

You’ve got the whole of Central Perk, the famous sofa, coffee machines, mugs and all that jazz - even cameras for ‘filming’ your very own show. 

Here’s some pics of the proposed layout:

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Here’s a fun video giving you a sneaky glimpse:

All Mric76 needs is 10,000 supporters before the set goes through to the next stage of appraisal - at the time of writing he’s got 8151, with 196 days to go, so head on over here and show him a bit of love.

If he hits the big 10k, then his idea will head to a review board of set designers and marketing representatives who will decide whether or not to push it into the development stage and make it into a real boy. Fingers crossed they do, because then you can buy one and finally do what they never did on that show: make them have a massive sickening orgy. Hey, Joey would definitely be into it, wouldn’t he?

(Image: YouTube)