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Everyone has stopped what they were doing to laugh at Leeds United’s new badge

It took them six months to come up with this

Everyone has stopped what they were doing to laugh at Leeds United’s new badge
Tom Victor
24 January 2018

Look, we get it, designing a football badge is hard.

There are so many out there already that it’s hard to come up with something original, and that’s before you get on to the other requirements.

Has your team got, yknow, a name? Probably need to include that in writing somewhere on the badge.

How about colours? Is there a colour scheme tied to the club? If so, you bet you’ll need that in there somewhere or else face the same sort of backlash that Ronald Koeman – then the manager of famously blue club Everton – got for putting red decorations on his Christmas tree.

Basically, it makes sense to spend time on these things. Credit, then, to Leeds United for spending six months on a consultancy and research process to help design their new badge.

Just a shame it looks like this, really.

A lot of people thought they’d seen the image somewhere before, and that somewhere was, broadly speaking, the exact same place.

Others thought it looked a bit…y’know…

There were more generous suggestions, of course, but when these are the better ones you know you’re in trouble.

And soon the alternative badge ideas rolled in, as they tend to do in these situations.

Maybe we could get this guy to redesign it, Simpsons-style.

If we’re being generous, the reaction was mixed. If we’re being accurate, though…

A petition to stop the club using the badge has already gained 17,000 signatures at the time of writing – if you’re keeping count, that’s more than the number consulted over the initial change.

This has all gone rather well, don’t you think?

(Images: Rex)