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These 'Simpsons' Premier League football badges are works of art

There's one for every top-flight team and they're all glorious

These 'Simpsons' Premier League football badges are works of art

The word genius is thrown around too often these days, but Brian Quinn is unquestionably the greatest genius the world has ever seen.

Quinn has combined two of the world’s most cherished possessions, the Premier League and golden-era episodes of The Simpsons, to create something better than you’ll ever achieve in your life.

If you thought your team’s badge was good already, wait until it’s been improved with a classic Simpsons character.

Be it Krusty the Clown…

Or Fat Tony

And who could forget dear Ratboy…

Quinn has produced 20 different images, one for each of the Premier League clubs, so if you support a top-flight team you’re in luck.

And he has form for Simpsons art, as we can see from some of his t-shirt designs.

Still, while everyone will want to be the captain of the football team, somebody always winds up left with the dud.

Sorry, Huddersfield.

Here they are in gif form, if that’s more your cup of tea. Don’t say we don’t spoil you.

And if there are any you missed, look no further..

(Images: Brian Quinn)