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KFC have apologised for their chicken shortage with this brilliant advert

Fair play, KFC, fair play

KFC have apologised for their chicken shortage with this brilliant advert
23 February 2018

It’s been a truly apocalyptic week for fried chicken lovers.

We think back to halcyon days before 13 February, and the famous chain’s ill-fated decision to switch distributors from Bidvest to DHL, and we remember happier times. The days were longer, sunnier, people walked around with a bounce in their heels, for we had plentiful and readily-available fried chicken from the Colonel himself to eat.

But this distribution move resulted in the chicken shortages which followed since then, and which resulted in 575 of the chain’s 900 UK shops being closed on Monday night. The situation became only marginally better as the week progressed.

It’s led to frantic calls to the police (please don’t do this) and a hilarious news segment, featuring possibly the most over-dramatic moment in TV history.

In all, it’s been a total cluck-up, but KFC may have, at least partially, redeemed themselves with this excellent full-page advert which ran in several newspaper titles on Friday.

It’s gone down well on social media, with people praising KFC not only for the clever reworking of their logo but also for having the honesty to just admit that they’ve got it wrong. As they accurately point out: “A chicken restaurant without any chicken. It’s not ideal.”

No excuses, just “huge apologies to our customers, especially those who travelled out of their way to find we were closed”.

A few Hollywood A-listers could learn a thing or two about apologising from that.

You can head here to find out the current status of your local KFC’s chicken supplies - at the last count, 700 out of 900 stores were now open and, in the meantime, stay strong out there.

(Image: KFC)