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Jeff Goldblum set up a massive free food giveaway for the sake of a 6/10 pun

It's all in the delivery

Jeff Goldblum set up a massive free food giveaway for the sake of a 6/10 pun
Tom Victor
26 April 2017

Jeff Goldblum is a busy man, but not too busy that he can’t hand out free sausage sarnies from a food truck.

Goldblum set up the truck in Sydney, Australia around the same time the news broke that he would be putting his dinosaur scientist hat back on for Jurassic World 2.

He told radio station Triple Mthat his plans were “kind of a secret,” but if the entire thing was set up just so someone could use the pun ‘Chef Goldblum’ then there are no complaints from our end.

The menu looks pretty tasty too, with the ‘Goldblum’ (chorizo and piquillo peppers), ‘Silverblum’ (Italian-style pork and veal sausage with tomato sauce and provolone) and veggie ‘Bronzeblum’ all catching the eye

We’re looking forward to similar ventures from Fryin’ Gosling and Bake Gyllenhaal next time they’re Down Under, plus the inevitable coffee giveaway from Barista Flockhart.

Despite the name of the stand, Goldblum admitted he had no input in the recipe of the sausages and was “just handing them out”.

It’s just further proof that Goldblum can make anything look cool, whether it’s handing out sausages or playing a character named Ian Malcolm, the two dullest male names side by side.

Of course, he may have had another inspiration for the public appearance. A fair few Australians might still be under the impression that Goldblum died a few years ago, after newsreader Richard Wilkins made the high-profile gaffe back in 2009.

It’s always good to clear things up.

(Images: Rex)