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Your iPhone 7 needs fixing, says Apple

Don't worry, they'll sort it out for you

Your iPhone 7 needs fixing, says Apple
Tom Victor
08 May 2018

It seems as though every single day we’re greeted by news about Apple products, not least whatever the most recent iPhone model is at any given time.

We recently heard that wireless charging might actually damage your battery, while there’s also been confirmation that older iPhone models have had their performance throttled (you can find out here if it’s happened to yours).

It’s important to differentiate between some of the stuff floating about, though; in amongst the waves of speculation, we’ll occasionally get actual, genuine updates about Apple devices from Apple itself - and it’s not always good.

This has happened again this week, with the news that there might be something wrong with your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus – but Apple have explained how you can sort it.

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MacRumors has obtained a leaked internal document, sent to authorised service providers, which purports to see Apple admit a small number of devices running on the latest iOS11.3 software have been hit with unexpected microphone issues.

In short, your speaker button might now be greyed-out during calls, which could be a bit of a pain to say the least

There’s also a chance that – during FaceTime or regular phone calls – the person on the other end won’t be able to hear you. Turns out hearing people is pretty important during calls - who knew?

Sure, this might be no biggie for those of you who’d forgotten you’re allowed to call people with your phone as well as using social media apps and dicking around online, but some of us do still phone people up, which makes this whole microphone issue pretty troubling.

If you’re worried about this, put it to the test right away and run audio diagnostics if you’ve got a greyed-out speaker button. If there’s an issue with your phone, MacRumors says you’re likely to see a message along the lines of “device could not detect dock” or “accessory not supported”.

According to reports, Apple will carry out repairs on phones affected by this specific issue even if they’re not under warranty, though MacRumors notes that there’s a chance some Apple Store employees aren’t yet aware of the issue

The publication recommends booking a Genius Bar appointment and escalating to someone more senior if required.

The latest news comes amid a series of rumours about Apple’s upcoming devices, including an alleged leak of the iPhone X SE.

Before the end of 2018, we’re expecting to welcome several new devices including one with a massive 6.5-inch screen.

Oh, and if you’re prepared to wait until 2020 (spoiler: you’re not), there’s supposedly a foldable iPhone in the works. Exciting times.

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