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Here's the full list of iPhones that are expected to be arriving in 2018

All in one handy picture

Here's the full list of iPhones that are expected to be arriving in 2018
23 January 2018

Last year saw Apple mark the tenth anniversary of the product which, it’s fair to say, changed the course of both the company and the modern world, with the launch of the iPhone X.

It was a busy year on the phone front, with Apple also unveiling the iPhone 8 earlier in the year, before skipping the 9 and going straight to the X, which saw a radically-different (OK, not that radically different but still) design, with the home button disappearing, Face ID brought in and the ability to make animojis which, albeit basically pointless, is a lot of fun.

However, as reports float around that production of the X will be stopped in the summer - rather than continuing to be sold as a cheaper model - this will seemingly pave the way for a new range of iPhones to come in September.

Several memos, many written by KGI Securities’ reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, have already predicted the tech giant’s upcoming phone lineup, with three iPhone X-esque models, tentatively named ‘iPhone Pro’ tipped to emerge: specifically one with an upgraded 5.8-inch OLED screen, a 6.5-inch OLED screen ‘X Plus’ and a more economical 6.1-inch screen LCD version. 

There’s also the possibility of an ‘iPhone Mini’, which is tipped to be similar to the design of the iPhone SE, with a 4-inch screen. The existing iPhone 8s - with 5.5-inch and 4.7-inch screens respectively - will remain.

Spectrum Report has released a handy picture on Instagram depicting what the new lineup could look like, alongside a possible pricing structure. 

UK prices normally match USD prices, so prepare your wallet for another big hit come the autumn.

(Main image: Xavier Wendling)