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Everything we know about the leaked ‘iPhone X SE’

Will you be queuing up for it?

Everything we know about the leaked ‘iPhone X SE’
16 March 2018

Phones are good, aren’t they. You can read stuff on them, learn stuff on them, interact with your friends on them, take pictures on them, send friends those pictures from them, lose your job and friends because of the pictures you took on them, use the stuff you read and learned earlier to edit your CV on them, use dating apps and recruitment apps to look for new jobs and friends on them, or just play Temple Run for ages because it’s good.

Apple, who just love making phones, can’t stop making phones, can’t make enough phones, have at least three new phones coming out this year. Their always-baffling number scheme has become more baffling recently, with them releasing both the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X at the same time, and calling the X one ‘the iPhone ten’, so where the HECK is the nine, but whatevs. 

One of the new models is rumoured to be the iPhone SE 2, also known as the iPhone X SE, a special edition of the iPhone X.

Japanese rumour site Macotakara claims to have one, and have posted this video as proof:

Looks pretty nice, right? It shares a no-bezel design with the iPhone X, but with a slightly more angular body like the original SE.

(Interesting thought: do you think Apple hate bezels so much because Apple’s arch-rival Amazon is run by a man named Geoff Bezels? Hang on, nope, just Googled it - another arch-rival - and that name isn’t right at all, sorry. Still, something to think about.)

There’s no headphone jack, predictably, but also no sign of Touch ID - looks like this’ll be solely Face ID based. Rumours also suggest a price tag of about £800, which is a bit steep - the original SE cost £359 in 2016.

(Interesting thought: do you think Apple hate headphone jacks because headphone jacks on an Apple phone could be known as ’Apple Jacks’, and that is also the name of a popular breakfast cereal? They might really hate the confusion such a thing could cause. Something to think about.)

This is all still rumour - it might be just a really convincing hoax, although that seems like a huge amount of effort to go to for something that’s just kind of quite pleasantly interesting, so we’d lean on the side of believing it. All will surely become clear soon when Apple get round to announcing it. They’re probably waiting for a slow news day - good luck, Tim!