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Introducing the gin and tonic Easter egg

It's Easter, but for adults

Introducing the gin and tonic Easter egg

Theory: add gin to anything and it instantly improves it. 

This is, of course, a bad and incorrect theory that falls down almost immediately, but in the case of already-really-nice Easter eggs, we’re into it. 

Introducing the G&T Easter egg, brought to you by the clever minds at Prestat. This Very Posh marriage of alcohol and chocolate is almost certain to make you popular with your better half come Easter Sunday. 

Who doesn't want to get pissed on chocolate (disclaimer: this is almost certainly not possible)?

Definitely not your bog-standard supermarket fare, Prestat’s masterpiece includes an egg with a ‘lemon milk chocolate shell’. Crack that citrus-tinged shell open and you’ll find that it’s stuffed to the brim with London Gin Truffles. Glorious. 

You vs the egg she told you not to worry about

So where can you nab one? Ocado are selling them for £16.99, but demand is likely to be extremely high so act fast if you want a brilliantly boozy Easter. 

[Images: Prestat/Tesco]