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Huge Star Wars movie shake-up: this is what you need to know

Can you detect a disturbance in the force?

Huge Star Wars movie shake-up: this is what you need to know
Andrew Williams
08 March 2023

Big changes are afoot behind the scenes at Disney regarding the Star Wars universe, according to Variety.

Its sources say rumoured Star Wars movies set to be produced by Kevin Feige and developed by Patty Jenkins have been shelved. However, work on a Star Wars film by Taika Waititi is on-going.

Could this mean we’ll see the goofiest and most comedy-led Star Wars film in a couple of years? Maybe, but at this early stage of the development cycle anything remains possible.

IMDb currently has a “2025” release date pegged for the “untitled Taika Waititi Star Wars Film.”

But what happened to the other two? The suggestion is Kevin Feige will be too busy tinkering around in the Marvel universe to produce the next Star Wars film.

While he reportedly commissioned Loki writer Michael Waldron to work on a Star Wars script, the pair are now working on Avengers: Secret Wars, due in 2026.

The rumoured Patty Jenkins standalone Rogue Squadron movie is also no longer in active development, according to sources cited by Variety. It had been been discussed as far back as December 2020, and given a speculative 2023 release date. Now we know: it has been canned.

What does this all mean? While some future paths for the next Star Wars movie have been snipped off, it may still be some time before we hear concrete information about the next Star Wars joint.

The last was 2019’s The Rise of Skywalker, which was outperformed by the three preceding main line Star Wars films. While you can’t call a $1-billion-plus movie a flop, it is widely considered a box office disappointment. Tread carefully Disney must.