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How To Dominate Halo 5's Multiplayer

How To Dominate Halo 5's Multiplayer

How To Dominate Halo 5's Multiplayer
27 October 2015

Cancel your plans. Turn off your phone. Stock up on snacks and energy drinks. 

Halo 5: Guardians has arrived, with ambitions to dominate your social schedule for the next... well, until whenever Halo 6 arrives.

To ensure you don't find yourself at the mercy of game-addicted teens the world over, we've spoken to Lawrence Metten, Senior Multiplayer Designer at 343 Industries, for tips on how to get ahead in the game's mutliplayer.

Grab a pen.

I'm new to Halo's mutliplayer. What should I do?

Halo 5: Guardians features a handful of new Spartan Abilities that you’ll want to get familiar with in multiplayer.

All players start match one with the same set of abilities: I recommend that players experiment with them in their first few games. Get comfortable clambering up over ledges, using Thruster Pack, and Spartan Charge to get the drop on enemies. 

Mix in Slide and Stabilizer to shake up combat encounters and keep your enemies guessing.  

What are the best maps and game modes to start out with as a beginner?

Give Warzone a shot if you’re new to Halo.

Warzone’s increased player count, AI Bossses, huge maps, and multiple objectives give all types of players something to do. Warzone should have something for you whether you’re a fan of player-versus-player, enjoy co-op experiences, or just want to play around in the Halo sandbox.

Players looking to jump into something a bit more competitive should give Breakout a try, Halo 5’s new round-based, single-life Arena game type. In Breakout the stakes are high: eliminate all enemies to win but die yourself and you’ll be waiting for the next round to start. First team to five rounds wins!

What weapon combinations should I use?

Weapon combinations all come down to what you’re playing. We have two very different multiplayer experiences in Halo 5: Guardians; Arena and Warzone.

Arena is competitive 4-on-4 on small maps. Everyone starts with the same loadouts in Arena and if players want alternate weapons they’ll need to find them on Weapon Pads or scattered around the environment. When playing Arena I try to find precision weapons like the Battle Rifle or DMR whenever I spawn but I’m always keeping an eye on the map’s Weapon Pads to see if there’s something more powerful about to drop.

Warzone is our all-new multiplayer experience, where two teams of 12 fight over bases and engage AI Boss adversaries on maps bigger than we’ve ever made. Warzone features the REQ System, a new rewards and progression system. This lets players call in Weapons, Vehicles, Loadout weapons, PowerUps, and Armor Mods into Warzone.

Fans of Big Team Battle know how frustrating it can be to have a teammate steal the weapon or vehicle you’re going after. That’s not a problem in Warzone; if you have the card you can use it. I keep both a close range and long range weapon equipped to stay prepared for any type of situation as you never know what will happen in Warzone.

How do I get the best out of Arena and Warzone mode?

Players earn XP and REQ Points after every matchmade Arena or Warzone game. XP increases your multiplayer Spartan Rank and REQ Points are the currency used to open REQ Packs where players will find cosmetic items, Warzone Cards, and Boosts.

Boosts are a great way to maximize the amount of XP and REQ Points earned in multiplayer. Activate a Boost Card before you go into a match, meet its target requirement, and you’ll be rewarded with a nice payout bump. 

Completing Commendations is also a great way to level your Spartan Rank and earn more REQ Packs. Keep tabs on your Commendation progress by opening up the Spartan HUB between matches. 

I've heard the Scorpion tank is a pretty big deal? How do I take it down?

A hostile Scorpion Tank is an armored lethal threat, especially if it’s one of the rare variant versions found in REQ Packs.

Taking one out is a challenge, but not impossible. Direct hits with a Rocket Launcher or Spartan Laser will make quick work of a Scorpion. Don’t have one of those? Try and run up behind the Scorpion while it’s engaged with another target. If you’re able to get up behind the tank you can board and then destroy it by planting grenades or bashing it to pieces via melee attack.

Keep an eye on the Scorpion’s gun barrel as you approach, if it starts rotating in your direction, you’ll want to run for cover!

Halo 5: Guardians arrives on Xbox One on 27 October