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Man pulled over by police produces Homer Simpson's driving licence


Man pulled over by police produces Homer Simpson's driving licence
19 March 2018

It’s a wonder that there isn’t more crime in Springfield, given the rather hapless endeavours of Chief Wiggum and the rest of his police team.

Sure, there was that shooting with Mr Burns, and the constant nefarious activities of Sideshow Bob, but given the rather lax nature of most investigations, you’d be tempted to indulge in a life of petty crime, safe in the knowledge that you’re unlikely to ever get caught.

But, sadly, in real life, the police are ever-so-slightly more on the case that Wiggum et al, and one driver in Milton Keynes clearly managed to mix up reality and cartoon fantasy.

 Thames Valley Police recently revealed that an unidentified male driver was stopped by police and presented an officer with a licence belonging to ‘Homer Simpson’, complete with photo and signature..

Sadly, the licence cut no ice with PC Phillips, with the driver’s car seized before he was reported for driving with no insurance and without a proper licence.

People were quick to suggest what gave the game away for the hapless ne’er-do-well:

Dammit, if only he’d used the right address he’d have definitely got away with it. As long as he was also a) yellow b) a cartoon c) pretty much bald and d) arrested by Chief Wiggum.

Still, at least we’re pretty sure he’ll get off, given the high quality legal representative he’s hired…

(Image: The Simpsons/Matt Groening)