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Henry Cavill is set to play Superman again: which DC movie will we see him in?

Cavill will be Kal-El once more.

Henry Cavill is set to play Superman again: which DC movie will we see him in?

Well, this is exciting. Not only are we set to get Justice League: The Snider Cut in 2021, with more Superman and less Super-tache, it's been revealed that Henry Cavill is in talks to play the character once more.

According to reports, Cavill is looking to reprise the role not in a standalone movie but possibly as a cameo or as part of another superhero's story.

It is thought that there won't be a new Superman movie for a while at least, which is a shame as Cavill would be perfect for a lighter standalone Supes that's out of the Snyder shadow.

But instead of mourning this, the news that he could be appearing in a new movie got us thinking: which movie will it be?

DC's superhero slate is as following: We are set to have Wonder Woman 1984 and The Suicide Squad in August 2020 and August 2021 respectively.

Both of these have been shot and are in post-production so unless there's reshoots or a secret cameo is already in the can, it's unlikely he'll appear in these films.

After this we have The Batman. Set for October 2021, it's very unlikely Matt Reeves will want to cross the Snyder streams with this one so we can't see him in this movie either.

That leaves Shazam 2, Black Adam and Aquaman 2. We could see him cameo in all of these.

Black Adam is the most interesting one as, in the comic books, they have the same powers but Black Adam may actually be a smidge more powerful.

When it comes to Shazam, again, the powers are similar and they are seen as equals in the comic books. And, well, if you've seen the movie you know this is more than hinted at.

As for Aquaman 2, they already have screen history in Justice League, so it would be fun to see them team up again - although it would maybe feel a little Justice League lite.

Wherever Cavill turns up, it will be a joy - he's fantastic as Superman and glad that his contract may well be continuing.