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Stop everything: Greggs has a VIP WhatsApp group for true pasty fans

Lucky customers will get special offers, freebies and more festive baked goodness

Stop everything: Greggs has a VIP WhatsApp group for true pasty fans

As if Greggs hasn’t already done enough for humanity by introducing its delivery service, the high street bakers is about to make Christmas all that more special with a special VIP WhatsApp group for dedicated Festive Bake fans.

Greggs says that excitement for the return of its Crimbo pasty has been building since July (honestly, it gets earlier every year) and will go on sale 8th November.

Rather fittingly, the WhatsApp group is called “Festive Bake Lovers”, exclusive to only the hardest of hardcore Greggs fans – or “Greggulars”, if you will.

As well as being a friendly community for fans to talk about whatever they like – though, let’s be fair, pasties and sausage rolls are likely to dominate the conversation – the group will get exclusive content and gift codes. That sounds suspiciously like free Greggs to us...

We know what you’re thinking: how do I get a slice of the delicious action? How can I be a Greggs VIP?

The bad news is, it’s extremely limited. To apply, you need to text 07759325409 – but only a select few will be chosen. There are only 150 places and 100 have been filled already (mmmmm, filling).

We’re not sure what qualifies someone to nab a spot in the group, but it sounds like an excuse to eat as much Greggs as humanly possible just to show off how much you love it.

C’mon, get involved, it is Christmas after all. Sort of.