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Greggs launches delivery service, because dreams do come true

Baked goods delivered to your door. This is the future we were waiting for

Greggs launches delivery service, because dreams do come true
18 October 2016

Think of the best thing that ever happened to you. Go on, we'll wait.

Got it? Pretty sweet, yeah? Well it pales into insignificance when compared to this fat nugget of news: Greggs, British bastion of the pastry and baked goods, has begun trailing a delivery service.

Delicious, crumbly Greggs, delivered to your door. It almost makes up for Brexit. Almost.

As of today, the bakery company will start testing deliveries in Newcastle - specifically to the 14,000 workforce of Cobalt Business Park in North Tyneside. Workers will be able to pick from a selection of sandwiches, platters and sweet "treats" (chubby stuff), which will be prepared by the Greggs of the Cobalt Central retail area. 

The trial is set to be expanded to Newcastle city centre, followed by Quorum Business Park (again, in Newcastle - they bloody love a steak bake), London and Manchester city centres.

"I am sure Greggs Delivered will provide a popular choice for our businesses catering for meetings," said Amy Carroll, communications manager at Cobalt, telling Newcastle's Chronicle Live what we were all thinking, "and for people who just fancy a team lunch."

The expansion of the trial is set to take place "soon". Fingers crossed Father Christmas might be bringing us a Festive Bake this December.