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Gorgeous spaceship watch

Gorgeous spaceship watch

Gorgeous spaceship watch
20 January 2014

We lose count of the number of times we look up at the night's sky to work out what phase of the moon we're in. It must be quite a few, as we've no idea what we're looking for.

It might come as a surprise that our latest wrist envy focuses on a timepiece with a moonphase dial - but in the case of the De Bethune Dream Watch 5, it's included to further a star-searching theme.

Made form mirror-polished titanium, the Dream Watch 5 is shaped to appear like a finely crafted starship. With hours displayed on a 'jump-hour' movement and minutes on a rotating disc, this stunning watch is finished off with a fiery ruby 'thruster' on its crown. Though shaped like something from the future, the hand-wound movement has to be rewound every 5 days.

However, costing in the region of £100,500, space fans might be better off saving up for a trip on the Virgin Galactic.

(Images: De Bethune)

(Via: Gizmodo; Perpetuelle)